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Take On Helicopters is a fun simulator that features realistic helicopter flight, detailed helicopters, alongside a detailed story.

The developers of Take On Helicopters, Bohemia Interactive, are famous for the ARMA series of realistic war games. Take On Helicopters is an attempt to make the simulator a bit more accessible by adding story missions.

The game features two main environments - Seattle and South Asia. Both are really big and full of places to explore. There are three modes - free flight, career and multiplayer. There is no easy flight mode - in Take On Helicopters you'll have to learn to fly properly! The helicopters in the game do handle very differently, but all require a light touch and control.

The tasks you're given in career mode are a great way to get used to flying, while multiplayer challenges will really test you. Multiplayer mode suffers from a lack of players at the moment, but is otherwise easy to use, and even setting up your own server is a breeze.

The graphics overall are acceptable for a simulator, and the in-game sound is fine. Weather effects look good too, but Take On Helicopters does lose points for the voice acting in the game, which is distractingly poor.

If you're looking for a fun and in depth simulator, Take On Helicopters is a great choice. However, this isn't accessible enough to convert more casual players.

Take On Helicopters


Take On Helicopters

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